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The Beacon of Hope (Might make into a pack but not sure yet)


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Lizard: And they probably most definitely aren't, especially due to the mega major goofs, like Tigerheartstar being "too young to fight in the Great Battle." He was literally in it! Jan 25, 2021 0:22:25 GMT -5
Lizard: The editing team did a great job on DoTC, but some of their mistakes are huge and kind of hilarious. Jan 25, 2021 0:22:57 GMT -5
Violetsky: It eventually happens with most large companies. The WWE is notorious for this. A company sees success and they want even greater success, so they rip apart the old foundations and put in "better" ones. Oh well. Jan 25, 2021 0:23:05 GMT -5
Violetsky: I was happy to see they are finally writing mangas again though. :smile: Jan 25, 2021 0:25:58 GMT -5
Lizard: I love all the mangas! ASiR was wonderfully done and made me understand Feathertail more. The Ravenpaw's Path ones were a bit forgettable, but that's probably because I haven't read them in a while. I need to re-read those! Jan 25, 2021 4:28:50 GMT -5
Dracostar/heart: hi Jan 25, 2021 18:06:09 GMT -5
💕𝔇𝔞𝔴𝔫𝔭𝔢𝔩𝔱💕: Hello! Jan 25, 2021 22:01:52 GMT -5
copperspring: Hey! Jan 26, 2021 9:52:31 GMT -5
Violetsky: Meow! :smile: Jan 26, 2021 10:09:00 GMT -5
copperspring: There's a blizzard outside my house right now. Not an actual blizzard, but it feels like it :( Jan 26, 2021 10:40:17 GMT -5
Violetsky: Are you living in a giant snow globe and did someone shake it? :( Jan 26, 2021 10:50:45 GMT -5
💕𝔇𝔞𝔴𝔫𝔭𝔢𝔩𝔱💕: Lol Jan 26, 2021 12:10:38 GMT -5
💕𝔇𝔞𝔴𝔫𝔭𝔢𝔩𝔱💕: that must suck Jan 26, 2021 12:10:47 GMT -5
copperspring: I must be living in a snowglobe. It's been snowing since 7 am this morning :( Jan 26, 2021 14:10:16 GMT -5
💕𝔇𝔞𝔴𝔫𝔭𝔢𝔩𝔱💕: Oof i hear the birds chirping where i am Jan 26, 2021 14:48:07 GMT -5
copperspring: :frun: Jan 26, 2021 15:14:41 GMT -5
💕𝔇𝔞𝔴𝔫𝔭𝔢𝔩𝔱💕: You might as well make some chokky milk<3 Jan 26, 2021 15:37:15 GMT -5
copperspring: I'm not allowed chokky milk :cry: Jan 26, 2021 16:03:07 GMT -5
💕𝔇𝔞𝔴𝔫𝔭𝔢𝔩𝔱💕: Oof... that’s rough Jan 26, 2021 16:16:34 GMT -5
aether: AH that hurt. No chokky milk? That brings me great pain. Jan 26, 2021 17:43:04 GMT -5