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Little Wish - WIP


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Rosemary: :lol: Oct 19, 2020 10:22:32 GMT -5
mintedstar/fur: HA. Nice Oct 19, 2020 11:20:49 GMT -5
~Ƈαммι-`ღ´-: I just joined Wolvden and now I have to choose a start biome but they all look amazing, AHHHHHH- ;u; Oct 19, 2020 13:42:13 GMT -5
Rosemary: What's Wolvden? I'm curious Oct 19, 2020 14:43:38 GMT -5
Sol: I think Wolvden is a computer game where you survive as a wolf Oct 19, 2020 16:12:48 GMT -5
~Ƈαммι-`ღ´-: Wolvden is a new site that's sort of an RPG/virtual pet/breeding, browser-based game. Oct 19, 2020 18:09:08 GMT -5
~Ƈαммι-`ღ´-: WolfQuest is the other wolf game I've mentioned that's actually animated XD Oct 19, 2020 18:09:36 GMT -5
Rosemary: Yeah, I used to play WolfQuest! Imma start again. And I made an account on Wolvden and it's really fun lol. Oct 19, 2020 18:18:08 GMT -5
~Ƈαммι-`ღ´-: WolfQuest has had a whole awesome revamp since it’s 10-year anniversary in ‘17 so although it now needs to be purchased it’s worth it. Oct 19, 2020 18:52:31 GMT -5
queenbeast: I really want to play the new version of Wolf Quest once it's officially released Oct 20, 2020 12:00:31 GMT -5
~Ƈαммι-`ღ´-: You mean 3.0 (anniversary edition)? It’s available! If you purchased 2.7 then you should be able to get a free download of 3.0. If not it’s purchasable on Steam. Multiplayer for 3.0 recently became available which I’ve been enjoying :D Oct 20, 2020 12:38:15 GMT -5 *
queenbeast: Oh sweet thank you for letting me know! :D Oct 20, 2020 13:27:18 GMT -5
Rosemary: How much is it on mobile? Oct 20, 2020 13:35:00 GMT -5
Rosemary: When I used to play it, it was free, but idk about now. Oct 20, 2020 13:35:35 GMT -5
~Ƈαммι-`ღ´-: $15 via Steam or Oct 20, 2020 13:47:44 GMT -5
Rosemary: Oh, thanks! Oct 20, 2020 13:52:14 GMT -5
--яєɗ яαᴠєη: That’s for the desktop version right? Do you know how much it is on iOS? Oct 20, 2020 20:11:14 GMT -5
Darkriver13: Have a happy day people of the shoutbox! Oct 20, 2020 22:52:42 GMT -5
~Ƈαммι-`ღ´-: The mobile version is only up to 2.7 at this time and won’t be revamped until their currently planned work (they’re still working on redoing Slough Creek and the Lost River map as well as planning a 3rd chapter) is done for computer versions... Oct 20, 2020 23:10:41 GMT -5
~Ƈαммι-`ღ´-: That being said, on 2.7 mobile, the full game and additional wolf customizations are in-app purchases and respectively $4 and $5. Oct 20, 2020 23:13:21 GMT -5