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Halloween Town -- A OTW Writing Contest (Come vote on fav!!)


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⌭ ᑕᖇᑌIᑎᑎ ᔕᗩOᒪ ⌭: I never played Animal Crossing until the Switch, but I quite like it. It’s fun to play whenever I need to relax. Jul 12, 2020 17:41:18 GMT -5
☾ѕησσzє☽: I do controversial things, like time travel, so its a bit more fun. I dont do it a lot though, usually just a day ahead. It is fun and relaxing tho for me Jul 12, 2020 21:26:35 GMT -5
WyrmTime: I've never been to into ac but I'm really enjoying new horizons, its the one consistent joy I get experience everyday. Jul 13, 2020 5:10:25 GMT -5
WyrmTime: Also Time travel is a s i n. (Jk do whatever you want bro) Jul 13, 2020 5:11:35 GMT -5
emberheart: THX Jul 13, 2020 14:24:13 GMT -5
☾ѕησσzє☽: Ill sin if i want to hmph lol, i just hate when the museum is being updated or whatever so i have like 50 fish sitting outside. Jul 13, 2020 20:28:22 GMT -5
~Ƈαммι-`ღ´-: Anyone have/play Tomodachi Life? It's fun for me to go back to sometimes even though I deleted most of my Miis in favor of playing out their lives on the Sims instead X'D Jul 13, 2020 21:55:27 GMT -5 *
Hopewish: I have it! I haven't played it in a while though Jul 13, 2020 23:06:04 GMT -5
Zeldris: :P Jul 13, 2020 23:18:40 GMT -5
Brindlefern: I wanted to play it but could never get the money to in the middle of necessities. Jul 14, 2020 12:16:49 GMT -5
Armageddidn't: Can someone please get me a compilation of Grant Gustin singing-? Jul 14, 2020 14:33:22 GMT -5
emberheart: I can try :confused: Jul 14, 2020 15:16:42 GMT -5
Blitz: who is grant gustin...? Jul 15, 2020 10:20:55 GMT -5
emberheart: A singer I guess Jul 15, 2020 10:46:25 GMT -5
Armageddidn't: No he's an actor Jul 15, 2020 12:45:22 GMT -5
Armageddidn't: I found one so nvm Jul 15, 2020 12:45:33 GMT -5
WyrmTime: How is everyone’s vibes today? Jul 15, 2020 15:31:07 GMT -5
Shadowbringer: Having a panic attack due to thunderstorms! How is everyone else? Jul 15, 2020 17:01:56 GMT -5
Armageddidn't: OnO- You feeling better now Shadow? Jul 15, 2020 18:30:37 GMT -5
Blitz: queer panick cause my friend is looking at my liked playlist on youtube Jul 15, 2020 20:05:06 GMT -5