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interest check -pokemon idea, look inside to understand


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ღℳ𝓲𝓷𝓽𝓼𝓽𝓻𝒆𝓪𝓶ღ: What's changed about the site since 2017? Nov 25, 2020 7:37:02 GMT -5
Ṣanɗypaw™: I wasn't around in 2017, but from what I've heard, this place is less toxic! :D Nov 25, 2020 11:36:25 GMT -5
Rambling_Ram: Eyo! Nov 25, 2020 15:23:31 GMT -5
~Ƈαммι-`ღ´-: Lately I'm in a constant state of indecision over whether to play Zoo Tycoon 2 or Sims 3 :trance: Nov 25, 2020 15:24:37 GMT -5
Artemis Moon: Happy turkey day Nov 26, 2020 13:25:47 GMT -5
Violetsky: Happy Turkey Revolution Day :grin: Nov 26, 2020 17:47:25 GMT -5
Violetsky: Gobble gobble! :goofy: Nov 26, 2020 18:15:29 GMT -5
Artemis Moon: I sent the twerking turkey video to all of my family members :lol: Nov 26, 2020 19:21:36 GMT -5
~Ƈαммι-`ღ´-: I saved my share of pie for dinner just now :lol: Nov 26, 2020 19:33:16 GMT -5
Artemis Moon: We're still cooking everything... got an extremely late start. Our Thanksgiving food should be done around... 1 AM. Then we have to go to work at 5:30 AM. Nov 27, 2020 0:19:05 GMT -5
Violetsky: Just heat up the turkey in the microwave at around 4 in the morning. :P Nov 27, 2020 2:00:40 GMT -5
Violetsky: Or just take it into work with you, say it's your lunch meal. Hehheh. Nov 27, 2020 2:01:03 GMT -5
Violetsky: And I mean the whole turkey. It should fit in the microwave. (Should.) Nov 27, 2020 2:02:46 GMT -5
Artemis Moon: We've got a small microwave and a 14 pound turkey. I don't think that's fitting :lol: but it only lacks about 15 minutes on being done. The results are going to be hysterical, but I'm not sure the pictures would be forum friendly... Kinda morbid/lewd D: Nov 27, 2020 2:30:44 GMT -5
Artemis Moon: Definitely taking some of the food to work though. I can only eat a very small amount at a time, and today is going to be awfully hectic Nov 27, 2020 2:31:26 GMT -5
Violetsky: If it doesn't fit then do everything you can to squeeze it in there, even if it means resorting to stomping it in there with your foot. :lol: It'll work. Trust. :lol: Nov 27, 2020 2:40:31 GMT -5
Violetsky: I wish you luck! Nov 27, 2020 2:41:05 GMT -5
Artemis Moon: I got it cooked finally XDD thanks Nov 27, 2020 3:20:48 GMT -5 *
Violetsky: How so? By candlestick, by the microwave, by a flamethrower? XD Nov 27, 2020 5:40:00 GMT -5
Brindlebriar: hi Nov 27, 2020 14:33:44 GMT -5