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Fire the Biomutant: Dang. I was hoping you were gonna say they had to replace your arm with a robot arm and now you can shoot lasers out of your fingers. Maybe next time. Jun 19, 2021 19:22:33 GMT -5
Violetsky: ... Jun 19, 2021 19:23:25 GMT -5
Violetsky: :tongue: :lol: Jun 19, 2021 19:23:29 GMT -5
Violetsky: Also I won't be getting vaccines anyway since in my local area that only ones they are giving out are for middle aged adults and seniors, and I am neither. :P Jun 19, 2021 19:24:35 GMT -5
Hawkeyes258: Sup? Jun 19, 2021 20:50:59 GMT -5
Fire the Biomutant: The sky
Jun 19, 2021 21:42:25 GMT -5
Violetsky: I feel sooooo weird. :trance: Like I came off a sugar rush or something. That's what you get for sleeping longer than normal I guess? :P Jun 20, 2021 9:50:16 GMT -5
Fire the Biomutant: Its thundering and my power's probs gonna go out :( Jun 20, 2021 9:57:34 GMT -5
Fire the Biomutant: i like having power Jun 20, 2021 9:57:53 GMT -5
Fire the Biomutant: woo i just bought police officer simulator because why not Jun 20, 2021 10:12:29 GMT -5
Fire the Biomutant: i'm just gonna run around and tase everyone Jun 20, 2021 10:12:50 GMT -5
Fire the Biomutant: got robbed and asking for help? tased. threw a plastic cup out your window? tased. Actively shooting at me? tased. equal justice. Jun 20, 2021 10:13:34 GMT -5
Violetsky: Due to a problem with our plumbing I haven't showered in 3 days. My cat is hanging out in the same room as me. I hope she doesn't mind. :lol: Jun 20, 2021 12:07:00 GMT -5 *
Violetsky: I keep on chattering to myself. I feel kinda bad for my cat who is sleeping next to me. :P Jun 20, 2021 13:34:49 GMT -5
Violetsky: I forgot that today is Father's Day. :eek: I'll have to get something by this evening. This is like it's your friend's birthday and you pretend to forget about it for the whole day until the surprise party later on? Jun 20, 2021 13:58:27 GMT -5 *
Violetsky: It's like that but if you genuinely forgot it was their birthday until late in the evening and you were like, "Shoot, I have to do something..." :lol: Jun 20, 2021 13:59:42 GMT -5
xXEaglepawXx: Have fun shopping! Jun 20, 2021 14:50:04 GMT -5
Violetsky: With how little time I have and because I don't know what my dad likes at all even after all these years, I can only think of a card as a gift. XD >.< Jun 20, 2021 15:47:59 GMT -5
xXEaglepawXx: Fathers Day Hallmark card, 20 bucks, and a ice cream gift card is just right Jun 20, 2021 15:52:08 GMT -5
Violetsky: Great ideas! :) Except the ice cream. :P I know he gets coffee somewhere, but I don't know where... Jun 20, 2021 15:53:23 GMT -5