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Only the Strongest Survive (Planning page)


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Mayhem™: But honestly I wouldn't have it any other way haha Jan 22, 2021 18:36:51 GMT -5
Mayhem™: I met so many good friends on there Jan 22, 2021 18:36:58 GMT -5
ᔕTOᖇᗰᖴIEᖇᑕEᗪOG: I always wondered if the mods ever stop by to see where we are ever... like they also watched us grow up. The stuff you think about pushing 20 lol Jan 22, 2021 18:49:20 GMT -5
Mayhem™: Lmaoooo right ? Dude I'm turning 23 this year o o f Jan 22, 2021 18:54:56 GMT -5
Gold: I'm 23 and my head's still rolling if you're reading this shoutbox Joe Jan 22, 2021 19:40:55 GMT -5
Violetsky: I'll be turning 22 in a couple of months. I'm a little late to the party, but here I am! *Grand presentation with exploding confetti and a flashing disco ball* Jan 22, 2021 19:45:03 GMT -5
ᔕTOᖇᗰᖴIEᖇᑕEᗪOG: crazzzzzyyyyy thats insane guys... we getting old Jan 22, 2021 19:45:43 GMT -5
Violetsky: Ehhh, what's that? *Holds hand to ear* My ears aren't what they used to be... Jan 22, 2021 19:47:59 GMT -5
Violetsky: :lol: Jan 22, 2021 19:48:07 GMT -5
Violetsky: I just finished Bluestar's Prophecy and it was AMAZING! :smile: Jan 23, 2021 1:15:03 GMT -5
Violetsky: My new favorite character from the books is probably Thrushpelt. :smile: Jan 23, 2021 1:32:03 GMT -5
embertuft: Wow I haven’t been on here in ages.. Jan 23, 2021 14:41:42 GMT -5
embertuft: (Also Thrushpelt is awesome! He’s one of my faves too) Jan 23, 2021 14:42:08 GMT -5
Lizard: I'm becoming a massive Pinestar enthusiast help Jan 23, 2021 15:14:06 GMT -5
Violetsky: To be honest Pinestar is probably my least favorite character right now. :P Why a Clan cat - a leader at that! - would choose to abandon his Clan and become a kittypet befuddles me. :shifty: :P Jan 23, 2021 16:26:27 GMT -5
Violetsky: I can imagine his first interaction with StarClan though. :lol: "Uh, hey guys... So about me leaving ThunderClan... You know that was just a gag, right? :lol:" Jan 23, 2021 16:27:58 GMT -5
aether: Guys I need to read the books again. There's so much I've missed out on and I want to know the story of Twigbranch. Why... why is it Twigbranch? Those words... mean the same thing... may as well be 'StickBiggerstick'. I love it. Jan 23, 2021 20:36:49 GMT -5
Violetsky: Okay so this is bad, but I can imagine Pinestar roaming into Twolegplace for the first time since abandoning his role as Clan leader. He's skipping along going, "I'm free! I'm free! I'm free!" 2 seconds later he's hit by a monster and ends up in StarClan. Jan 23, 2021 20:51:06 GMT -5
Violetsky: :lol: Jan 23, 2021 20:51:09 GMT -5
Violetsky: Thanks aether, you've awoken some fond memories in my head of when I used to ship Jayfeatherxstick. :smile: :lol: Jan 23, 2021 20:52:46 GMT -5