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Art trades? -open-


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✽Boop✽: doesn't matter. still a rude thing to do, best not May 25, 2019 15:32:29 GMT -5
ʟ ᴜ ᴍ ʙ ᴇ ʀ ᴊ ᴀ ᴄ ᴋ ♀: remind me where i asked? May 25, 2019 15:32:45 GMT -5
✽Boop✽: wow. May 25, 2019 15:32:54 GMT -5
ʟ ᴜ ᴍ ʙ ᴇ ʀ ᴊ ᴀ ᴄ ᴋ ♀: like move on. it ain't that deep May 25, 2019 15:32:58 GMT -5
✽Boop✽: or you can try to learn from this and be a better person. you have the choice May 25, 2019 15:33:30 GMT -5
ʟ ᴜ ᴍ ʙ ᴇ ʀ ᴊ ᴀ ᴄ ᴋ ♀: i'm a good ass person lmao just because i said something was cringey doesn't change that. but good try May 25, 2019 15:34:28 GMT -5
✽Boop✽: idk you're not convincing me May 25, 2019 15:34:46 GMT -5
✽Boop✽: but anyway. i don't have anything else to say to you May 25, 2019 15:35:12 GMT -5
ʟ ᴜ ᴍ ʙ ᴇ ʀ ᴊ ᴀ ᴄ ᴋ ♀: i don't have to convince you though? i know who and what i am - i don't care what you think of me. so like i said - just move on May 25, 2019 15:35:44 GMT -5
baird: related subject—everyone check out the new thread i just posted :) May 25, 2019 15:37:23 GMT -5
baird: i’d love some of your takes on what i’ve said, if you’re feeling so inclined! May 25, 2019 15:53:07 GMT -5
Bubbling Tsunami >:3: :smiel: May 25, 2019 16:24:59 GMT -5
Sand: :confused: May 25, 2019 16:27:49 GMT -5
Sand: Whether you agree with someone’s opinion, in this case “vague posting,” it’s best that you report it to staff immediately. Since the shoutbox doesn’t have a report button, you can at the least shoot a staff member a PM about the incident. -continued- it’s May 25, 2019 16:51:38 GMT -5
Sand: better for both members and staff that you notify us [staff] somehow instead of doing nothing about it and leaving it to be a mystery. Also, communication works both ways, so do opinions. You’re not all going to share the same view on something and -cont- May 25, 2019 16:53:53 GMT -5
Sand: thats completely normal and expected. However, if even you do or do not agree, please be respectful of others whether it includes the member’s character, opinion, etc. It isn’t hard to do, and if that’s something you can’t do, please try at the very least. May 25, 2019 16:56:33 GMT -5 *
Chaos: On a new note, how has everyone’s days been? May 25, 2019 17:29:35 GMT -5
*It's_an_UMBRELLA**: good how is yours? May 25, 2019 19:06:35 GMT -5
iknik: My day was epic I went swimming at for a pre everything trans guy it was amazing I got a rashguard and trunks and had a good time surprised my mom didn't complain lol May 25, 2019 19:06:54 GMT -5
violetfrost: my day was ok!!! had to go to work which was exhausting but hey making that $$$!!! also that's awesome, iknik!!! May 25, 2019 19:48:35 GMT -5